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Please help Darren get back to his bees

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Please help Darren get back to his bees - 100% of your donation will be deposited into Darren's Trust Account

Join us on our quest to help Darren Shearer return to his bees. Darren needs an electric wheel chair (like the one he is testing out below) and an adequately equipped shower, toilet and sleep out so he can get back to his bees with the help of his mates.

At the NSWAA Conference Dinner in June 2016 an impromptu fundraiser generated $23,922.00 to aid Darren’s journey back to his bees. This will cover his chair but he still needs more funds to equip him with the facilities we all take for granted, just to enable him to be there and be mobile.

Please put yourself in Darren’s chair today, just for a few moments and make a donation.

Darren's Story

It was late on Saturday, 30 June in 2012, Darren Shearer, a third generation commercial beekeeper from Morven in NSW found himself lying paralysed on the ground on a large Queensland cattle station after his motor cycle connected with a log hidden in the buffle grass. It was going to be a quick reconnaissance ride to inspect the Napunyah budding for the oncoming honey season but instead, when he did not return to the camp, his mates found him lying barely conscious with pain and his lower body paralysed. Due to fading light conditions the flying doctor service could not respond, so after several hours lying unconscious in the Queensland dust, Darren was picked up by the Toyota Landcruiser Troop Carrier Ambulance from Thargomindah, QLD.

Over the past 4 years of recovery, Darren has never lost hope that he would be able to reignite his beekeeping business and career. With his eyes always on the trees and the budding, especially the rich Yellow Box territory of his home town of Morven NSW, beekeeping is in his blood. With enormous support from the Croker boys from Ulladulla, who found him lying paralysed in the grass on 30 June 2012, Darren now owns 140 beehives and is expanding his operation to once again become a viable beekeeping business.

Returning as a commercial beekeeper as a paraplegic is possibly a world first and it comes with challenges. Mobility is first and foremost a necessity to be able traverse the bee sites in order to inspect and work the colonies. Secondly, accommodating a paraplegic beekeeper in remote locations of Australia requires mobile living arrangements that include hospital grade bedding, disabled toilet and shower facilities. Darren and his mates are enormously grateful for the support and the funds raised at the NSW Apiarist Association conference.

Finally, the commitment and support of Darren's family and his beekeeping mates is paramount in empowering Darren to become the beekeeper he aspires to be. On the premise that anything is possible with the right people on your team, Darren’s new business partner, Ashley Farrer (Big Ash) is an important addition to Darren’s beekeeping business. Big Ash and Darren met and became best mates through Darren’s recovery period and after catching the beekeeping bug, Big Ash has come on-board as a passionate beekeeper and Darren’s legs. Further, it gives us confidence that Darren will never be alone on this journey with beekeepers from all over Australia pledging their support.

Victor Croaker- 7th June 2016

Picture: Darren testing out an all terrain electric wheel chair which will enable him to get back to his bees.

For futher informaiton or if you would like to assist Darren in any other way, please contact Jodie Goldsworthy on 0429 059 242 or Beechworth Honey on 02 6033 2322.



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